COVID- 19 : The current situation of INDIA

After a lock down of of 76 days in India the the cases for COVID were believed to be under control but Unlock 1.0 was put into force on the 8th of July. With restaurants, religious places, shopping centers and malls opening their doors, India is uneasily coming back to life.

The onset of the Unlock 1.0 has led many Indians to believe that the COVID-19 crisis is over. This was evident from the crowd of people flocking to the Marine Drive in Mumbai flouting all norms of social distancing for their ‘morning walks’. Has this crisis ended? Has life returned to normalcy again?

The Unlock 1.0 was announced after more than two months of lockdown. Around the same time, India became the fourth-worst COVID-19 affected country in the world and cases passing the 3-lakh mark. The relaxation in regulations has led to India registering single-day spikes of more than 11500 cases with the total number of deaths at 11,903.

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has said that media reports on the findings of its serological survey are ‘speculative’, but the sooner it makes the report public, the better; according to a report in The New Indian Express, nearly 15-30% of the population in containment zones in high caseload districts have been exposed to COVID19, and they have recovered from the infection.If the final numbers that ICMR publishes are anywhere near this, that is good news since it suggests that the virus is a lot less deadly than believed.

But have we eliminated the virus completely?

the answer to it is definitely a "NO". and it is only possible if the entire population is given with vaccine, but in the current situation the vaccines are also not ready. so, its time to fight against it as a united country without panicking and fear. by maintaining social distance crowded place and mostly supporting our health system.

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